Wall Circle: Proud Peacock


This proud peacock shines from his wall circle and loves to look down on you from his place on the wall. His feathers are proudly up and show their wide variety of color.

The wall circle combines beautifully with other Delft blue wall circles, thanks to the intens blue and purple colors of the peacock, but it also matches well with more modern prints.

The wall circles are made of dibond material. This is a smooth, thin plate that is made up out of three layers, two aluminium layers on both outsides and a polyethylene layer in between.

This makes the wall circle very strong and even resistant against all types of weather and it prevents discoloring due to direct sunlight.

This wall circles are very light weight and they come with a hook attached to the back so it is very easy to attach them to the wall.

This makes the wall circle the perfect decoration piece to instantly create extra ambiance and to combine with your other decoration pieces.


Size: 80cm